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Pro Footballers was developed by Football People Group and is one of the largest global independent network of Football Agents. We believe working together we are stronger and that by pooling our forces we can provide new and better opportunities for our players.  Our collective aim is to see all affiliate agencies come together in order to create global opportunities for our clients. The platform strives to provide a 360º service including support systems for its partners.  We are stronger together. The combination of our global experience opens up new boundaries for each agent involved.  It is of vital importance to us  that the integrity of the network is upheld to the fullest, and that all member agencies subscribe to the same values. As such, an integrity charter is provide to all members with best practices outlined.

We promote an environment of information sharing, where each agency contributes to the collective so that all benefit as a result.  This in turn will lead to greater engagement from clubs, who respond to the greater stance of agencies that have the advantage of the Pro Footballers Network.  We admire independence, experience, and entrepreneurship, values that our network was set up with, and as such, values we look for in prospective member agencies. As a result, it is of the utmost importance to us that agencies under the Pro Footballers umbrella are able to retain full control over their own companies.