Scott Michaels – Pro Footballers


Scott Michaels Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

➡Experienced creative marketing maverick.
➡Specialises in challenger brands.
➡Solid history working in the US and UK retail markets.
➡Helps professional footballers develop.
➡Advises professional football clubs.
➡Heads up football club acquisition team in the UK & US.

Scott “Matchmaker” Michaels founded Football People in 2020 as a world class football management team that works in acquiring and running football club assets across the world.

Scott is also a well known FA licensed football intermediary in England and he has worked with a number of clubs at boardroom level. He also runs which is an online platform designed to support and advise professional footballers on how to maximise their potential. He is a highly experienced creative marketing expert who specialises in challenger brands. Over the last decade he has sold over 3 million products globally with his own brands Hairbond and Stylo Matchmakers.