Football Clubs

Practice makes perfect: At least that’s the idea. Potential is one thing, but extracting performance from a Pro Footballer is another matter altogether.   The relentless pace of improvement, and the ever-changing demands of a football club

While a Pro Footballers performance is developed on the training ground, extracting that performance is the part-art, part-science challenge of what works in competitive football matches.

Some of the gain is training evolution (training sessions, improving players positional and tactical knowledge ) and some is from footballer conditioning and the commitment of the player to improving their game.     The rest comes from the process of the manager fine-tuning the player – and also fine-tuning the team during gametime. 
With the financial pressures in the game it’s an over simplification to say it’s footballers versus football clubs – but it’s not far off. But for our platform it’s more footballers plus football clubs and football clubs plus footballers.    
We want a strong relationship with football clubs as a trusted platform to recruit the best footballing talent to the clubs. Our mission is to bring in the best football talent that have the ability to play at the highest level.  Unlike the traditional way of scouting players our ambassadors have a first hand day to day experience with our players and have also the experience to find out if they have the technical as well as mental ability to take the top. 
We honour this by working on set rep commissions of 5% transfer fee and 3% rep commission on players which is within FIFA guidelines. Our agenda is not to make money on short term interests but work in the best long term interests of both player and club.  The £500m taken out of the game last year is not good for business and we are here to help.