Test your knowledge with our quick 20 question Pro Footballers Theory Test?

Being a professional footballer knowing the laws of the game is very important. How much do you know about the professional game?

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How well do you know the game?

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A defender, hanging by his arms from the crossbar of his own goal, heads the ball to prevent it from entering the goal. What decision should the referee make?

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A substitute does his warming-up behind the assistant referee. When an opponent is near the sideline the substitute spits him in his face while the ball is in play. How does play need to be restarted?

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A free kick is taken from outside the penalty area by any player except the goalkeeper. The player who takes it touches the ball for the second time (not with his hands) before it touches another player. What decision should the referee make?

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Before play begins, who decides on which ball to use during the match?

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The ball is in play at all other moments, even when…

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Is the ball considered to be an object if it is used to strike an opponent?

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Player A appears to take a throw-in but suddenly leaves it to a team-mate to take. It`s obvious that the restart of play is delayed on purpose. The referee?

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Can the referee send off a player before the start of play?

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If the rules of the competition establish that there must be a winning team at the end of a match or home-and-away tie that ends in a draw, which of the following procedures approved by the International FA Board are allowed?

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A player walks on the pitch. He takes off his protective headgear and throws it at an opponent. The opponent reacts quickly and the throwing player misses, so the protective headgear did not touch the opponent. The ball is in play. How will play be restarted?

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A player who has left the field of play for medical treatment returns without permission from the referee. What decision should the referee make?

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Jerseys must have sleeves. Is this statement true?

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What is the distance between the penalty mark and the closest penalty area line?

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Which of the following offences committed with the ball in play is not penalised as serious foul play?

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For which of the following can the duration of either half be extended?

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A throw-in was not taken correctly but the ball goes directly to an opponent. Can the referee apply advantage and allow play to continue?

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What disciplinary action is taken against a player if he denies the opposing team an obvious goalscoring opportunity by deliberately handling the ball, if advantage is not applied?

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When is a player who is in an offside position, considered to be involved in active play?

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Can the referee show a red card to a substitute and order him to leave the technical area for using offensive language?

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A player unsuccessfully attempts to prevent a goal by deliberately handling the ball. What decision should the referee make?

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